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Long Term Care Insurance


Jody Sharer

Jody Sharer, Financial Advisor and CCO, is our Long Term Care Insurance specialist. She works closely with clients on defining their needs and explaining the different types of long-term care insurance. 


​Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance assists you or your loved ones with the costs associated with activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs are defined as those functions you perform in your daily life such as eating, bathing, and dressing. Some policies will cover costs associated with other every day tasks such as taking medication, shopping and light housework. These services may be provided in your home or another facility. It is important to note that these are non-medical in nature.

According to, 70% of people 65 or older will use some form of LTC during their lifetime.  Because women tend to outlive their spouses, we may have a period of time where we live alone in our later years.  We may need someone to help with our care.  By the age of 90, 69% of us will have some sort of disability requiring assistance with the activities of daily living.

Articles by Jody Sharer on Long Term Care Insurance:


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